Quick Line: da Vinci’s Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa, da Vinci, (1503-1513)

It seems to be a meditation on ideal feminine beauty and an exploration of the sitter’s (and perhaps even the artist’s) psyche. The rivers, streams, and mist-covered mountains in the background and the careful alignment of the sitter’s eyes with the horizon mark her as fully part of a larger universe.
(Paoletti, J. T & Radke, G. M., Art in Renaissance Italy Third Edition, Laurence King Publishing Ltd (2005)).

2 responses to “Quick Line: da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

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  2. It’s funny that since we see ML so often we don’t think through what is actually in the painting. I pay attention to the eyes, smile, and hand. I will now be appreciating more of the background and how it all works together.

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