Whaddaya lookin’ at? Tony Cragg’s Chain of Events!


Chain of Events (2007), Cragg

Tony Cragg is one of Britain’s most acclaimed sculptors, working in a range of materials from the found industrial products of his early career, to the stone, bronze, stainless steel and wood used in more recent works.  An interest in science, as well as experience working as a laboratory assistant early in his career, are influences both showcased in the experimentation and technical proficiency of his work, Chain of Events (2007).

Due to its unique twisting and turning form, this bronze sculpture carries a special elegance and an undoubtable sense of motion that seems to flow as naturally and spontaneously as the course of liquid magma running down the side of a volcano; once cool, it sets hard, becoming a force to be reckoned with. Chain of Events delicately embodies this contrasting notion of fluidity and solidity.

On sculpture Cragg has said, “There is this idea that sculpture is static, maybe even dead, but I feel absolutely contrary to that.” Robert Ayers (May 10, 2007), THE AI INTERVIEW Tony Cragg, ARTINFO, http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/25052/tony-cragg/, retrieved 2008-04-24). Cragg therefore brings to his sculpture a sense of impulse and fleetingness which, as the title and the work’s visually sporadic form would imply, culminate in reflecting life’s unpredictable chains of events.  

2 responses to “Whaddaya lookin’ at? Tony Cragg’s Chain of Events!

  1. I do not understand the objectives and motivation of modern art unfortunately. For this reason, thank you for your post, helps me to expand my vision.

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